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The blades of the weapons belonging to our permanent offer are made of steel grade 15260 by cutting operations and heat treated to gain 50HRc +-2HRc. We do not conceal we use industrial technologies for standard blade creation. We keep in view that for everyday usage this method is safer because it minimizes the danger of temperature and mechanical fractures, creases and other defects. The difference between a machine-cut and a forged blade is barely visible for an ordinary person because of the final, hand-made polishing operations. The pommels and cross-guards are forged of common structural steel.

Our weapons are maintenance-free, their simple construction is based on historical models with construction and parts joints are verified by centuries of experience. For example, our pommels are always fitted on a conical pike forged at the foot of the blade; we do not weld up any thread rods.

All the weapons, by which we place great emphasis on their historical adherence, are heat forged of steel grade 14260 and pommels with cross-guards are forged of shear steel with its fully unrepeatable and irreplaceable thread texture.

We also master the techniques of metal tarsia, etching, engraving, metal and bone carving and patina coating.